gnome is where the heart is

gnome is where the heart is

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baby and Belly Pics!

Since many of us have not been able to see Sam and Josh since their big announcement we haven't seen what they have been up to. So, I asked Sam to send me pics of her and Josh, as well as ultrasound pics of baby Mann.
So without further ado...
Here's Sam at 32 Weeks!
Here's Josh at.... who knows how many weeks!
Here is the Little Baby Mann on His/Her back!
Little Mann sucking their thumb!
First picture of Little Mann!!!


Danielle said...

What a gorgeous glowing Mom!!! Josh I didn't know you were preggers too!?!

grandma Liz said...

My sweet precious grandbaby is the most beautiful of them all! Very advanced too, sucking their thumb already. It's not possible for me to feel more pride than I do today. Samantha is beautiful and Josh so handsome. Each day gets harder while I wait to see the new family. I miss them so much!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Samantha and Josh:

I am so excited for you and your families. There is no doubt he or she is a blessing to all of us. I had the pleasure to watch Samantha grow up since she was 6 months old and cherish every memory. Now the thought of a new generation being born is one of the most rewarding feelings. Sam & Josh you are both very special to me and I await anxiously to meet your son or daughter. Enjoy very moment of life as a family and remember to laugh alot..

I send my love to all "3" of you.