gnome is where the heart is

gnome is where the heart is

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sam and Josh are registered at Babies 'R' Us and Target. Follow the link below and it should take you right to it.

Babies 'R' Us:

They will ship right to them!!!

Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike!! I already own something on one of those lists!! Can you guess what it is....? Here's a hint my favorite Hockey team Pittsburgh _______!

Anonymous said...

Can you keep a secert from Baby Mann? Check out gift (awaiting to pick out color) I will be sending to your angel.

Pink or Blue??????

Love you lots, Ginger

Mary said...

I am choosing to wait until after Decepticon is born. . .just so you know. If you wait patiently enough, you and the baby might get one Schrute-buck---worth one one-thousandth of a cent!